About Us

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Creating Ground CIC is a non for profit organization that works with women from migrant backgrounds to promote cross-cultural awareness, learning and sharing across different communities in South-East London (mainly in Greenwich) through collaborative arts and educational projects. 

Through the use of art and drama, people share their experiences, express their feelings and overcome difficulties through reflection and learning. 

Our Core Values


Strength in Unity




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Our Aims

  • To create a space where different people in different contexts and communities can share and utilize their skills, knowledge, expertise and talents to realize their potential and create a better society

  • To build community cohesion through the arts and education

  • To utilize arts as an educational and therapeutic tool to improve individual and collective well-being

  • To promote dialogue, cultural awareness and understanding among different cultures

What Is Creating Ground?

Why Creating Ground CIC?

London is a multicultural city. However, very often different communities live within their own groups without interacting with each other. They share a city and perhaps a borough but they conduct parallel lives that very rarely meet. Cultural differences together with class issues can have an impact on children' identity and their progression at school. Also, it can favour prejudice and stereotypes and impact negatively on the community overall. 
After having worked for more than 15 years in the not for profit sector we feel that the idea of a recipient and a giver/donor should be overcome and we should aim to celebrate people' skills and abilities to share and give realising a balanced power relationship. The so called "recipients" or "beneficiaries" should have their power of agency recognized and encouraged.

We are very often put in certain boxes, stereotyped and this  only creates dependency and passivity and promotes the idea of a "them" and "us". Creating Ground facilitates skills and abilities sharing among different groups and wants to realize projects in complete collaboration with groups, individuals and organizations in London as well as in other countries.
Through the use of arts (mainly drama), people will be able to share their experiences, express their feelings and overcome difficulties tackling hot topics and issues.
Creating Ground believes in the educational and transformational power of media and the arts and will use them in different ways and forms to inform, educate, share and bring about social change.

Creating Ground CIC is a social enterprise. Projects and activities either have a fee or can be paid by offering time, skills and expertise to other projects/participants.  For more info, contact us.