Community-led Courses

These are an extremely unique offering that we are so happy to have developed over the last few years. 

These courses are facilitated by migrants, sharing their experience and learnings from their journeys as migrants, particularly navigating the UK migration system.

These bespoke courses are built on: 

1. Co-design

2. Co-production 

3. Co-delivery

Which we believe is the best way to develop and integrate 

truly informed and helpful practices into workplaces, community groups

and wider society. 

These courses are primarily designed to show experts of their field,

whether it be GPs, lawyers, or local politicians, how to work best with

migrant communities. 




Do you think your organisation could benefit from having real conversations with migrants about how to improve communication and relationships?

How about a bespoke workshop that explores the specific challenges your organisation faces?

And one that is an appropriate length and at a time which fits in with your work schedule?

If this sounds good to you, or you would like some more information, then please email Laura at