My Creative Skills


23/01/2020 - 15/05/2020


Thanks to the University of Greenwich we ran these sessions, which half-way through had to be adapted to move online. This project culminated in an online virtual exhibition which we were thrilled to have over 50 participants join our virtual tour. 


Thanks to funding from Near Neighbours we were able to continue these sessions. 


24/07/2018 -


Thanks to the Santander Foundation for offering the opportunity to run these My Creative Skills sessions.



24/04/201 - 


We are very grateful to Church Urban Fund and the Near Neighbours for their trust in our work and their support to run these sessions for our women's group in Greenwich.

The participants commented that they enjoyed meeting new people and learning things that they could do with their children. They found it very beneficial to have weekly meetings and were inspired and encouraged by the others in the group.




Thanks to funding from Swan Mountain Trust we ran these workshops. 

Please see our leaflet for the sessions.



We are very grateful to the Edith M Ellis Trust for offering us a small grant to run these workshops. 



" I did not know I had this in me"

"It makes me feel younger and helps me keep my brain active"



Creating Ground CIC ran a pilot project with the parents of the Rainbow Club, the Saturday Supplementary School at Action for Refugees in Lewisham. The sessions took place on 6 Saturdays from January to March 2017 whilst the children were attending their classes at the club.

We mainly used craft and drama games to get to know each other better, release stress and connect with each other. We organised forum parents' discussions. In one of the sessions, we talked about problem solving and addressed the issue that many parents were experiencing with their children being addicted to video games. The parents shared their experiences and together found some common solutions and ways to manage and challenge the behaviour.

Participants' comments:

"The session has helped me get to know the other parents who come to AFRIL. Every week we see each other but we do not say we have talked and interacted and I feel we can become a big family".

"The session was really useful as I have learnt games and activities I can do with my children".

"I always see the art material in the pound shop but never thought I could also use it. The session gave me ideas of what I can was so nice to spend time cutting paper and doing something creative".


"My children will not believe that their mum can be so creative".

"My child was proud of me. He has put my felt work on his bag and is now very eager to do art work with me".

"I looked forward to coming to all the sessions. I felt that I was doing something for me but my child was happy as we were in the same building. It felt like we were doing something together".

"I learnt a lot from the experience of the other parents. I tried with my child what a parent said in the group and it worked!"


Creating Ground CIC and Greenwich Migrant Hub started conversations in August 2016 to devise a project for the hub visitors.

Creating Ground created questionnaires that were then given to the hub visitors to explore their needs and interests. On the basis of their answers, Creating Ground designed the project "My Creative Skills" aimed at a group of migrant women.

This is the first project that Creating Ground has organised for the local community so it has been really exciting times for the organisation.

The expected outcomes for the participants were to:

  • Improve confidence and self-esteem

  • Socialize and expand their network

  • Improve communication skills

  • Learn new things useful to them and their families

  • Release stress and find inspiration through a creative process

The project run for 8 weeks from October to December 2016. The sessions took place at the Woolwich Common Community Centre.

Participants were encouraged to share their skills and co-teach/assist in class.

Sessions were finalised and decided together with them according to their needs and aspirations.

During the sessions we produced different art work (journals, cards, felt) whilst learning about each other, our challenges, health services in Greenwich and volunteering thinking at action points to improve our situation.

Please see the project leaflet

The participants have showed an interest in becoming involved in future projects.

We had a meeting at the beginning of January to see if and how they could help Creating Ground in different capacities. Hopefully, this will mean that they will become active part of the organization.

Creating Ground and Greenwich Migrant Hub are now applying for funding to run the project again for more women.

Creating Ground is running a similar pilot project for Action for Refugees in Lewisham from January to April 2017 and will seek funding to run the workshops with AFRIL as well.

Participants' comments shared at the evaluation meeting:

"I built new friendship. I am so stressed. When I am here, I feel better. Even my sleep has improved".


"I did not have opportunities to play when I was a child, I enjoyed everything"


"Talking to people helps"


"The project has helped me to keep motivated and know how to deal with difficult situations and how to look at the brighter side of life"


"I have learnt something new that I can do at home and with my children"


"I have learnt how to make cards. Perhaps, it is a small thing but it is a lot for me"


"It was important to share our emotional feelings and talk about our challenges. We come from different countries but have similar problems"