We are currently offering a series of one-week 20 hour courses. The course focuses on six main areas:

  • Increasing awareness of unconscious bias

  • Understanding diversity and cultural differences

  • Develop cultural awareness

  • Learn to communicate cross-culturally

  • Develop inclusive practices

  • Contribute and attain experiences within a multicultural group

You can find an example of course outline here

To register please download and complete our registration form and send it to If you need further information or you would like to attend on different dates, please email us. 



Participants' feedback

"And enlightening course set in one

of the most muliticultural settings in 

the world! Our facilitators inspired us 

with their enthusiasm, their life 

experience and competence"

"Very interesting! It's greatfull that 

people work in creating awareness

in a better life, buildings bridges 

between different cultures"

"It was an excellent experience above

my expectations. My best congrats for

your work and the course planning.

Thank you for the list of games and

I am sure that it will be a great help!"