Community Leaders Filmmaking Course


Thanks to The Critical Social Policy Solidarity Fund we are running this Community Leaders Filmmaking Course with the Stronger Together Leaders. The group will be trained in the basics of documentary filmmaking, resulting in a short film devised by the group to support their grassroots activist campaigns.

This participant-led, co-produced short film, will explore the question ‘how do we build power to tackle social injustice?’ This question is fundamental to the mission of our group: building power together to emancipate ourselves from dominant structures and to improve the quality of life for people in this community.



With this project we hope to:

1. Change perceptions of migrant women by documenting our leadership journeys, showing how we are role models for other women who want to be involved in making change and pushing boundaries of who can be seen to be involved in political action


2. Benefit people who are affected by the issues the group campaigns on, such as those living with housing insecurity or insecure immigration status, by drawing attention to their conditions and the campaigns the Leaders are running to change them


3. Benefit women who are inspired by the film's message and may choose to join our group or get involved in other activist groups, by seeing people like them represented as political actors

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