Thanks to South London Citizens for awarding us Best Organising Institution of 2020. We feel so proud and honoured. We have achieved this in our first year of organising and in a year where it has seemed impossible to organise.

Thanks to the support of all the Greenwich Citizens members and our organiser, Paulina who have taught us so much about communtiy organising. We have learnt about the importance of coming together to share our struggles, pain and fears. We have learnt how to turn anger into actions and how small actions can bring hope. We have learnt to listen to others but most importantly to ourselves, to our needs, to how our actions were making us feel. Thank you Citizens UK for showing us the way. 


It really means a lot to all of us at Creating Ground to receive this reognition in what was such a difficult time.  


A special thank you to Marzena for nominating us and for always believing in our work. Near Neighbours has been the seeds for most of our work. Thank you so much. 

"Creating Ground has been a virtual bridge of hope between different women during this hard time. It managed to make virtual links into real ones to make our life and our feelings better."

"We are a group of women with different faiths who all came together to share a common vision of hope, togetherness and positivity. We were able to use the lockdown as an opportunity to be positive and inventive. We did not allow ourselves to become weighed down by misery that can cause mental health problems. We made art, we made face coverings, we taught each other how to bake and some many other new skills useful for the family. These skills made us active and gave us merry hearts. Thereby defeating the gloom and doom of the pandemic. A merry heart stays alert and alive through true love, unity and sharing each other’s burden."


This is who we are,

we are Earth, we are the Stones 

Upon which the world's foundation is built.

This is who we are; we are Stones!

Our colors might be different, 

some may be dull while some may be bright,

As long as you have your stone, the color can change,

All you have to do is not losing it.


This is who we are; we are Stones!

We are strong, we give hope, 

To those who are sands and cannot stand on their own,

We are the strength that gives every perfect structure the best pillar to stand.


This is who we are; we are Stones!

Whatever the color of your stone, hold and keep it in your heart

Remember that what color your stone is today doesn't matter,

What matters is the fact that we have a stone which stands for strength, strong and solid foundation.


This is who we are; we are Stones!

However we are, either a rock or a pebble, the fact remains that we are the Stones that gives strength to all.



We are immensely proud to have received the Culture Seeds award for Community Creator in May 2019 by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for our Building Bridges project.


We are very grateful for all the hard work and dedication put into this project from everyone in our team and the collaboration with Theatre Témoin.


In June 2019 our founder Laura Marziale was honoured to attend a Reception at Buckingham Palace in recognition of her community work. 




We have been very lucky to be supported by CaSE Insurance, our Insurance Company in the Aviva Community Fund Competition. Thanks to their support and the public vote, we managed to get £1000 to support our Creative Skills sessions.

We attended the celebratory event in Manchester on 20th March 2018.

Click here to go to the gallery and blog written by CaSE Insurance.



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