We are currently offering a 20 hour course over one week.

With our Mindful Communication in and outside the workplace you will discover, learn and practice different communication skills. You will learn to communicate in a mindful way, to understand the reasons behind negative and/or aggressive behaviour, to give and receive constructive feedback in a positive way, to defuse and solve conflict, to listen and be present to others in an emphatic way, to be kind and compassionate to yourself and others

You can find the course programme here

To register please download and complete our registration form and send it to info@theground.org.uk. If you need further information or you would like to attend on different dates, please email us. 

Upcoming dates: 


10.12.2018 > 14.12.2018

18.02.2019 > 22.02.2019

04.03.2019 > 08.03.2019

15.04.2019 > 19.04.2019

13.05.2019 > 17.05.2019

03.06.2019 > 07.06.2019

01.07.2019 > 05.07.2019

Participants' feedback:

"Very interesting course. Useful 

and practical. I recommend it"

"It's a well planned course and 

very useful and stimulating experience"

"Mindfulness is a great way to solve 

problems in life"