to the friends who have supported, are supporting and hopefully will support Creating Ground along the way. Your advice and encouragement have been essential: Marina, Tullio, Wendy, Dora, Paola, Clelia, Simona, Bianca, Antonio, Mauro and Manolo.


to the colleagues in the sector for their invaluable and amazing trust, advice and support: Roberto Maestrini, Iolanda Chirico, Sheila Heard, Louise Garner, Francis Rolt, Maja Korac, Daniele Trevisan, Amelia Fiorillo, Tholani Alli and Shamim Talukder.


to Loreto, Rosanna, Maria and Pasqualina for being important columns and reference points.


to Luca for bravely staying on this roller coaster.


to Gaetano and Gaetanino for being the inspiration for all this work.