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Research & Creative Evaluation

We offer our expertise in creative evaluations of projects, and creative research methods.

Our methods are centred around creative, participatory and unique ways to work with people, that encourages individuals to express themselves in ways that feel comfortable and supported, particularly in cross-cultural groups.


Working with NHS SEL ICS

"NHS South East London has been working with Creating Ground for over a year.  Our collaboration started when the former South East London Clinical Commissioning Group commissioned Creating Ground to carry out community engagement in April and May 2022 to inform the development of the new Integrated Care System’s (ICS) Working with People and Communities Strategic Framework


Key issues that Creating Ground raised as part of this work, and which are published on the ICS website, include lack of trust of services, the difficulty migrant women face in accessing services in a complex system, as well as how migrant women are perceived.    


Raising these issues led to Creating Ground performing a short a theatre piece before the Integrated Care Board meeting in July 2023 in front of key decision makers highlighting these issues and the fact that migrant women should be seen as agents of change rather than seen as vulnerable. 

This powerful performance was well received and will hopefully lead to further collaboration with other ICS partner organisations.  You can read more and watch the film of the performance here."

(Rosemary Watts, Assistant Director of Engagement, NHS South East London)

Be Well Hub Event
"We commissioned Creating Ground to design and deliver creative and participatory evaluation activities for a programme evaluation. The team were fantastic and understood our brief and requirements immediately. The activities they produced and delivered were inclusive, engaging, reflective and fun, helping us to collect rich feedback and learning from 90 participants. We look forward to working with them again!"

(Hana Riazuddin, Senior Research Associate, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust)

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