What a journey we have been on with our Stronger Together group! On the right is a beautiful illustration of our journey so far by one of our group members. 

We are continuing to meet online to work on our Temporary Accommodation campaign with Citizens UK, and supported by University of Greenwich. 


During lockdown, our Stronger Together group have co-created a film, and now we are working on our Temporary Accommodation campaign, and developing training to reach other women and other people in the community.

We have been able to welcome more women into our group, strengthen our skills, and tell our stories. We always welcome more to join us. 

We are immensely proud of our short film,

Finding Strength: Our Stories of the UK Hostile Environment.

Please watch it here.


Summer 2020

We partnered with Citizens UK, supported by Near Neighbours to explore issues that affect many more people and communities like ours, particularly around housing and the immigration system. Every meeting culminated in agreeing on next actions for change with three powerful phrases at the centre:

‘nurture love’

‘speak the truth’

‘seek justice and freedom’. 

During lockdown we continued to run these sessions online to continue to create positive change in ourselves and our communities.


"How powerful and strong we feel to be able to look not only inside ourselves and our group but also outside: to the wider issues we care about and are effecting many more people like us."