These trainings look at how teachers can use drama as a tool to engage, motivate and support students. We focus on how drama can be used in teaching and highlight different techniques that can be applied in the classroom. The course aims to be participatory and practical. The participants engage in drama games and warm-up activities and view videos of how these methods have been implemented.

These experiences and  techniques aim to support teachers in planning and teaching their lessons. At the end of the course, participants are tasked with creating an individual action plan detailing how they would introduce and carry out the new techniques in their practices.

We have provided training to teachers

from various countries including:

  • Italy

  • United Kingdom

  • Spain

  • Portugal

  • Greece

  • Serbia

  • Germany

  • Turkey



If you need further information or you would like to attend a course please email us at info@theground.org.uk.  


"It's more than a course: it is a gift in the shape of a journey to an unexplored  part of our creativity"

"This course is an eye opener and Laura runs it with great clarity and generosity"

"This course was very useful as it a new way of teaching and making the lesson more active"

"Accept new challenges! You never know what they might bring to your life"

"Laura has inspired me to think of more creative ways of teaching English and providing interesting discussion in the classroom"

"I loved this course and I think I am able to apply all the activities in the different subjects that I teach"