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Theatre in Action

Thanks to funding from NHS South East London ICS, Open University and University of Greenwich, we've been able to continue our Theatre in Action project.

Our Stronger Together Leaders have co-created a Forum Theatre scene to further our work on Safe Surgeries.

The scene gives an idea of some of the issues migrant and racialised women face accessing health services. 


This Forum Theatre is being taken to different audiences of health providers, council and community services where changes in policies will be suggested based on the interventions. 

Thanks to theatre practitioner, Erene Kaptani during this project we've learnt about being confident, projecting our voice, using our body, being present and clear, but also about the richness of looking at problems from different angles and coming up with solutions together using theatre.

If you would like us to forum this piece of theatre with your organisation please email Laura at 


Forum Theatre.jpeg
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