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Theatre in Action

Count Yourself Lucky

Thanks to funding from MigrationWork Trust Weaving BondsNHS South East London ICS, Open University and University of Greenwich, we've been able to co-create Count Yourself Lucky, a piece based on the lived experiences of the group that explores migrant women's access to maternity and healthcare services. 


Last year we were commissioned by NHS South East London ICS to produce a report looking into the barriers migrant women face in accessing perinatal services. 


From this research a performance was born. Guided by theatre-makers Erene Kaptani and Rachel Griffiths the group co-created a truly unique performance, which was first performed at Tramshed in March 2024. Soon after we were invited to perform at South East London ICS's Local Maternity and Neonatal Services engagement event.


We now continue to take Count Yourself Lucky to key stakeholders to not only have our voices heard, but to start a dialogue to make real lasting change for migrant women accessing healthcare services.

If you would like to know more or have us perform at an event please email


"Creative health is an enabler to amplify patient experience and voice: creative activities can make visible and uplift lived experience. In turn, this improves personalised care routes and leads to more inclusive conversations in healthcare. For example, Creating Ground’s Theatre in Action project allows migrant women to explore issues around healthcare access in a way that has tangible impact, seeing the theatre group performing for key stakeholders of the Integrated Care Board. By harnessing creative methods of co-production and evaluation, healthcare services can better understand the experiences of those who may have traditionally gone unheard. This feels key to the reduction of health inequalities in South East London."

(Flora Faith-Kelly, City Hall Blog The power of cultural social prescribing for health, March 2024)

Read full article here.

Taking our scenes to key decision-makers

Our Stronger Together Leaders co-created a Forum Theatre scenes focusing on health inequalities faced by migrants, guided by theatre practitioner Erene Kaptani. Also linking our work to the Safe Surgeries campaign. 

We have been asked to forum the performances with a variety of audiences including key stakeholders, such as the NHS South East London ICB meeting, which you can read more about on their website here, and see our work mentioned in a GLA article here.

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