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Poem written by Comfort

for the Near Neighbours Wellbeing and Connection Recognition event 

This is who we are,

we are Earth, we are the Stones 

Upon which the world's foundation is built.

This is who we are; we are Stones!

Our colors might be different, 

some may be dull while some may be bright,

As long as you have your stone, the color can change,

All you have to do is not losing it.


This is who we are; we are Stones!

We are strong, we give hope, 

To those who are sands and cannot stand on their own,

We are the strength that gives every perfect structure the best pillar to stand.


This is who we are; we are Stones!

Whatever the color of your stone, hold and keep it in your heart

Remember that what color your stone is today doesn't matter,

What matters is the fact that we have a stone which stands for strength, strong and solid foundation.


This is who we are; we are Stones!

However we are, either a rock or a pebble, the fact remains that we are the Stones that gives strength to all.