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Mums' Voices

Are you a migrant woman who is pregnant or recently given birth?

Do you want to meet other expecting mums or new mums?

Do you want to creatively explore how we can improve NHS maternity services for migrants in South East London?

South East London Local Maternity and Neonatal System gave us an opportunity to work on producing a report into how services currently are for migrants and how they can be improved, which will be published soon. 

As part of the research we  ran a project called Mums' Voices, which was a space for migrant mums and expecting mums to come together to share their experiences. The group is now working on a very unique creative output which we hope to showcase in February 2024.

We also have secured funding to run a weekly group from new migrant mums and expecting mums, so please if you know anyoene who might benefit from this group then email Laura at 

4 July - Plumcroft 2.jpeg
"How powerful and strong we feel to be able to look not only inside ourselves and our group but also outside: to the wider issues we care about and are affecting many more people like us."
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