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What are we asking? 

We are now working alongside Greenwich council to achieve our asks: 

1. Eviction notice periods: develop reasonable and fair eviction notice period charter that allows families to properly prepare themselves and their children to move

2. Length of stay: give families an indication of how long they will be in temporary accommodation so that they can plan their lives


3. Wifi: make sure that everybody in temporary accommodation has access to wifi

Thanks to the support from Trust for LondonUniversity of Greenwich and Citizens UK we have been able to make incredible progress with our campaign. 


We will continue to campaign with all our strength, empathy, and collective power.

nurture love
speak the truth
seek justice and freedom

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From doing listening in our community, we know families in temporary accommodation face eviction without notice and struggle to access WiFi. This has a negative impact on our children. This is why we started our #NoticeUs campaign.


We shared our stories and took creative action to raise these issues with Greenwich Council. After lots of hard work, we won a commitment from the Council to start a pilot programme giving SIM cards to people in temporary accommodation, featured in Greenwich Info here


This win is the fruit of collaboration with Greenwich Council. It shows the power of decision makers and community leaders working together. We are determined to keep working in this way on eviction notice periods.


Thank you to Council Leader Anthony Okereke, Pat Slattery, Shaun Flook, and all of the Greenwich Council staff who worked together with us to achieve this important win.

"My home is my body and my sanctuary
We deserve a safe place to live
We deserve dignity and respect
We deserve stable and certain lives for us and for our children
We deserve a place we can really call home
We are
Stronger Together
And this is what we ask


Our Participatory
and Creative Approaches

In October 2021 we presented our first public action through The Shoe Shop, an online performance co-created by the Stronger Together Leaders with the support from the amazing Rachel Griffiths, creative practitioner and theatre maker who is also part of South London Citizens.


This was made possible thanks to the invaluable support of Citizens UK and University of Greenwich

"We said #NoticeUs, we kept saying #NoticeUs, we kept strong and united and we kept saying #NoticeUs.

We are proud
We are happy
We are hopeful
We are Stronger Together"

(Creating Ground member, 2022)
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