Our Stronger Together group, a group of about 20 women from different countries and different backgrounds, are asking for change.

We are working on a campaign about Temporary Accommodation with two specific asks:

1) Fair notice periods for people living in temporary accommodation

2) Wifi in all temporary accommodation



"My home is my body and my sanctuary" as one of our members said.

We deserve a safe place to live
We deserve dignity and respect
We deserve stable and certain lives for us and for our children
We deserve a place we can really call home
We are
Stronger Together

And this is what we ask


We are working on #NoticeUs using our usual participatory and creative approach.

We presented our first public action through "The Shoe Shop", an Online Performance co-created by the Stronger Together Leaders with the support from the amazing Rachel Griffiths, creative practitioner and theatre maker who is also part of Lambeth Citizens.

The performance was part of an online event held in October 2021. You can see the performance here.


Over 95 people attended both events and the feedback received was really encouraging for the next steps of our campaign.

Many attendees signed up to join and support our campaign. 

Thank you to Citizens UK and University of Greenwich for all your support so far. 

If you would like to join our campaign or find out more please email Laura at info@theground.org.uk

And spread the word #NoticeUs

The Shoe Shop flyer.png