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Understanding Policy Making

Policy Project for
Stronger Together Leaders


This project builds on the work of Stronger Together and Creating Ground, as well as our work with Citizens UK, to recognise our Leaders as policy makers whose voices should be heard in policy making.


We will learn with Lydia Powell and Dr Anna Maguire from University College London, about what policy is. We will share issues important to migrants’ lives such as health, housing, education and more to reflect on the history of migrants’ rights campaigns.

We will use historic examples of campaigning and policy making to reflect on our work so far and think about how we move our Stronger Together work forwards.


Policy can be made at local, national and international level. Policy makers include local councillors, Members of Parliament, and people working in charities and organisations.


We will build solidarities with historic examples of campaigns and policy making, centring the histories of migrants who fought for justice in London.


Our sessions are for Stronger Together Leaders who have completed our training and will take place at Tramshed on Tuesdays and online on Mondays during some of our Stronger Together meetings.

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