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Light The Way

In 2022 we received funding to run a series of filmmaking workshops with the Stronger Together Leaders to co-produce our own documentary about our campaigning work. After several sessions of training in camera skills, crafting narrative, interview skills, recording sound and much more, we finished production on Light The Way, a 15 minute documentary. The training was delivered by Anima Goli Films, who specialise in participant-led filmmaking.


Over 80 people attended our premiere and the film has since been shown to community groups and funders around London, as well as being selected for festivals internationally. We would like to thank Critical Social Policy for generously supporting this ambitious project. Light The Way has been a vital tool in our #NoticeUs campaign to secure fair notice periods and free wifi for people in temporary accommodation.


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“The film shows our light as a group of women and how this light can lead other women to find their strength and inspiration. We hope you see our togetherness, determination and resilience.”

(Stronger Together Leader, 2022)

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